Best and Flawless Budgie Breeding Budgie breeding Season Tips


Budgies breeding season is underway. Keeping in mind some important dos and don’ts you can get best and flawless budgie breeding. If you want to get the best breeding in this breeding season or previous breeding season didn’t get positive results. You faced multiple problems in the last breeding season while breeding your budgies then you are in right place. I will share some useful tips and my personal experience about best and flawless budgie breeding budgie breeding Season Tips.

Selection of right birds for breeding

Best and Flawless Budgie Breeding Budgie breeding Season Tips
Different sized budgies

For best and flawless budgie breeding selection of the birds is very important. It’s my personal experience that active, healthy, having good quality feathers and good sized birds breed well. Infect, good sized active and healthy birds are indicative of healthy birds. Select healthy active and good sized birds for breeding.

Budgie breeding cageBest and Flawless Budgie Breeding Budgie breeding Season Tips

Good spacious cage is also what matters in best and flawless budgie breeding. The cage must provide ample room for playing and other activities along with useful flights of the birds. Two or more portion cages are best for breeding where other birds’ lives parallel to the breeding birds. Best cage size for budgie breeding is 1-1/2 by 1-1/2 feet. However, if it is spacious then that it will be good.

Breeding Environment

If you don’t provide a good conducive environment to your birds they will fell ill instead of going into the breed. The temperature required for breeding is 28 – 32 Celsius. Give them good privacy and don’t interfere with their privacy frequently. Set a routine for their food time and strict to it. A good ventilated atmosphere is essential for best and flawless budgie breeding. Provide them good sunlight. The cage should not be placed near the other pet animals like dogs and cats.

Budgie Breeding Food

Best and Flawless Budgie Breeding Budgie breeding Season Tips
Soft food for breeding budgies

Birds in the process of breeding need special food. They need calcium-rich food, minerals, and nutritious soft food on regular basis. Greens like spinach, Lusan grass must be an essential part of their diet. Increase the quantity of Caneri seeds in seeds mix in order to avoid egg binding issues. A spoon of soft boiled wheat and fresh corns on a daily basis are best for birds in the process of breeding.

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Food for Parent budgie birds

Food for parent budgies or you can call diet plan for baby budgies include soft foods like soft boiled wheat, boiled rice, fresh corns, and seeds mixes. These soft foods should be served on a daily basis. You can rotate these soft foods like, on Monday a spoon of boiled rice, on Tuesday a spoon of fresh corns and on Wednesday soft boiled wheat.

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Cleanliness of the cage

Cleanliness of the breeding cage and the breeding box is very important in best and flawless budgie breeding. Clean the cage on daily basis. Look into the breeding box if it needs cleanliness. Change water on a daily basis and clean the water pot with apple cider vinegar. Clean the cage from bird’s droppings and food remaining.

Time to separate the self-checks

When young budgies start to nibble their food and can have a flight, it’s time to separate them from their parent birds. Keeping so long with the parent will create problems for the breeder pair. So, separate them and place them in a big wide cage. So that they can have a good flight and learn the art of living independently.

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