Best food for baby budgies | Baby budgie formula recipe

Best food for baby budgies Baby budgie formula Recipe

Hello and very warm welcome to Birds Fantasy. Hopefully, you and your birds are alright. Breeding season is underway and hopefully, you would be getting good breeding from your birds. Every bird fancier wants to get good healthy breed in the breeding season. Everyone wants to ensure good health and growth of newly born chicks. But sometimes you see newly born chicks are not being fed properly and later on died. You also see some young ones are not healthy and active as compare to other siblings. They don’t have a good feather to fly and seems inactive.

There could be several reasons

For the poor growth of a bird but one most common and very important reason is lack of well-balanced food. Or you can say improper and inadequate food. In this article, I will suggest the best food for baby budgies, baby budgie formula recipe and how to make homemade baby budgie food and best homemade baby parakeet formula.

Caring for baby budgiesBest food for baby budgies Baby budgie formula Recipe

Birds feeding their chicks need more food as compare to non-breeder birds. To ensure the good quantity of food readily available in their cage. Observe the breeder birds carefully whether they are providing regular food to their young ones if they are not, and then start hand feed to the newly born chicks. Otherwise, they will die of hunger and dehydration. Provide breeder birds best food for baby budgies. Soft foods like boiled rice, boiled wheat, and fresh sprouts. Change water daily and clean the cage if it is dirty. Cuttlefish bone calcium block must be readily available in the cage.

What to feed newborn budgies?

What is baby budgie formula recipe and how to make homemade baby budgie food? Whatever food you provide to the breeder birds they will feed same food to their newly born chicks. So make sure they eat healthy food so that their young ones get benefits of this healthy food. A mix of seeds like hemp seeds, millets, fresh corn spinach and boiled wheat is a good source of minerals and vitamins and this is the best food for baby budgies. If you want good feather quality of your birds to provide them a teaspoon of boiled wheat daily. Fresh sprouts of moong and wheat once in a week is best for any sort of stress.

What age do baby budgies eat seed?

At the age of one and a half months baby, budgie come out from the breeding box and starts nibbling. But they prefer parents feed. However, with the passage of time, they themselves start eating seeds.

When do baby budgies leave the nest?

At the age of at least two months baby budgie leave the nest. It is time to separate them from parent cage.

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