Summer food for birds

Best Summer Soft Food Lovebirds Cockatiel Budgies Parrots

Best Summer Soft Food Lovebirds Cockatiel Budgies Parrots

Friends this Article Best Summer Soft food for Lovebirds’ budgies parrots is about easy to make inexpensive soft food for your birds. You can offer this soft food to Ringneck parrots Cockatiels Lovebirds and budgies. Hot summer days are underway and you can rejuvenate your pet birds with this healthy and nourishing soft food. This soft food not only makes them fresh but also protects them from scorching heat conditions and heat stroke.

How you can protect your pet birds from bad effects of hot season, which food we should offer to our birds in hot summer days and which type of food we should not offer them in summer is discussed in detail.

I personally use Cucumber, mint leaves, coriander leaves and Bottle Gourd in summer soft food for my cockatiels lovebirds and budgies. Though my ring neck doesn’t like this much they play with these chopped ingredients.

Summer soft food preparation

Wash these vegetables with fresh water so that birds can be kept safe from any harmful chemical spray. Peel cucumber and turnip and chop. Also, chop mint and coriander leaves in small pieces. Mix them well and your summer soft food is ready to serve your birds.

Feed for pet birds like cockatiels lovebirds and budgies are mainly based on seed mix. These seed mix generally have hot effects on birds. In breeding season these seed mixes maintain their body temperature and have positive effects on fertility.  But in scorching heat conditions, these seeds have some negative effects on the health of the birds.

We cannot remove these seeds from birds’ food but we can balance it with adding some greens in their food. Above mentioned vegetable provide them healthy combination in the hot summer season. Given below are some qualities of these vegetables.


Cucumber is essential for overall health for your birds, particularly in summer. It is based on mainly water and has some beneficial nutrients. Cucumber can provide Vitamins like A, C, and folic acid.

Mint LeavesBest Summer Soft Food Lovebirds Cockatiel Budgies Parrots

Mint leaves improve digestive system of your birds and provide them relief from stress and feather problems.

CorianderBest Summer Soft Food Lovebirds Cockatiel Budgies Parrots

Coriander leaves are beneficial for cholesterol diarrhea mouth ulcers and digestive system. Protect birds from heat stroke.

Bottle Gourd

Bottle gourd or lauki or ghiya is mainly based on water ( 92%) and hydrate the body of your birds in hot summer days. It also increases fertility in birds. Providing them bottle gourd seeds in breeding season will decrease the chances of infertility problems in birds.

Offer them this best summer soft food thrice in a week. If possible offer them a small amount of this soft food on daily bases. This will not only rejuvenate their mode but provide them strength to survive in scorching heat.

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