Birds De-Worming guidance Birds Worms symptoms Treatment

Birds De-Worming guidance | Birds Worms symptoms Treatment

 Birds De-Worming guidance Birds Worms symptoms Treatment

Breeding season for all parakeets is underway. If a good environment is ensured, a temperature is controlled; these beautiful birds can breed the whole year. However, it is recommended to give your birds a breeding break especially in peak summer days. This break of two to three months will ensure good health and well being of your pet birds. During this break, a course of deworming medicine is need of the hour. After this, they would breed flawlessly. Birds De-Worming guidance Birds Worms symptoms Treatment is explained in detail.

Importance of De-Worming

Pet Birds confined in the cages or colonies are usually vulnerable to parasitic worms. These worms not only cause bad health to the birds but also affect their breeding. In order to ensure good health and flawless breeding, a course of deworming medicine is need of the hour.

Symptoms of bird’s worms

If your lovebird, cockatiels or budgie most of the time is sitting idle doing nothing. There is a chance that your pet bird is having some parasitic worms in his stomach. Physically check your pet bird if he has a temperature. You can feel it by touching his toes. One thing is for sure, Budgies like other birds are meant for playing. If your budgie is not playing he must be in trouble. If he is sitting in one place for quite a while doing nothing having fluffy feathers. He might catch some worms. However, if he has some other symptoms of temperature or wheezing sound while breathing then it’s time to see your vet doctor.

Causes of bird’s worms

Pet birds usually catch these harmful worms in their cages or colonies. Poor cleanliness, bad or ugly environment, dirty food, and nonavailability of clean fresh water are the major causes for catching these harmful parasitic worms. If you ensure cleanliness of their cages or colonies, provide theme clean water and food providing them the good healthy environment, you can avoid such ailment.

Deworming Medicine

Birds De-Worming guidance Birds Worms symptoms Treatment
De Worming medicine

During the breeding break, it is time to deworm your birds. There are a number of medicines available in the market which are effective in deworming. As per my own experience, Albendazole or Zentel suspension is the most effective one in deworming of birds. These medicines are easily available in the market.

Usage of deworming medicine

One teaspoon full of Albendazol in one-liter fresh water as a single dose is enough for deworming of the birds. At night remove the water pot from the cage and on morning provide your birds water mixed with Albendazol suspension. After two hours remove this water and provide them fresh clean water. During this course, provide them normal seed mix along with boiled rice as soft food. Provide them green coriander and fresh mint leaves. After two-three days clean their cages. All the harmful worms would be excreted through poops of the birds. Gradually your pet bird will recover his health. Take care of your bird as they are your best companion.  Feel free to comment as your comments are valuable for us.

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