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Keeping birds is not just a hobby; it is a commitment. A commitment to provide your pet birds the best environment, the best feed and the best life that you can. We have been breeding birds for over two decades now and it was our commitment towards providing our birds the best of everything that we went on and in 2017 founded and  Birds Fantasy YouTube Channel

Birds Fantasy has information on all parrots: South American Parrots, African Parrots, and Australian Parrots! The site is dedicated to the health of companion birds and it is my hope that through educating the public about the responsibilities of owning parrots that I might help prevent the mistreatment and/or abandonment of these lovely, intelligent creatures.  Please take the time to carefully consider all the information on this site before plunging into “parrot hood,” particularly the pages on how to buy a bird, the checklist, avian health, and the reference library.

These pages will prepare you for parrot ownership and will help you decide if you really want the responsibility of owning a parrot.  Although many people think a small parrot such as a lovebird or budgie is “easier” they still require quite a bit of time and care compared with cats or dogs.

Aside from regular bird discussion in forum, we introduced a “Birds for Sale” section in our forum. It was due to the fact that the bird shops here in Pakistan are operating in un-hygienic conditions that had caused a loss of birds to many of us fanciers in Pakistan. gives bird-lovers a safe place where they could trade birds or post demands on birds required by them and could buy them from other fellow fanciers without fearing that the birds would be kept in un-hygienic conditions or are virus infected.

Our Approach is all about birds. Enhance your knowledge about birds health care, birds breeding cross breeding birds food and much more.  Lets meet colorful cute world of birds. Of course, every species of bird exhibits its own unique beauty.  And lists such as these are made more for fun than anything else. But here, with each adorable clip and text, we’ve included some facts about the species. So you’ll not only be charmed, you’ll also be expanding your knowledge of birds along the way. So welcome to Birds Fantasy.

Our Story

10 years plus experience of bird keeping, breeding and experimenting with cross breeding. While keeping birds as pet at times one encounters with multiple challenges like birds common diseases and how to handle them along with providing them with best environment to flourish. So with passage of time you learn the art of bird keeping. All useful and helpful articles about birds common problems like common diseases breeding problems and cross breeding are explained in detail. So let’s meet the colorful world of birds and welcome to Birds Fantasy.

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