Budgies Breeding in Summer

Budgies Breeding in Summer

Budgies Breeding in Summer

As you know budgies breeding season starts from August onward. It is off season now in June because of hot weather conditions. Most of the bird’s fanciers want their budgies breeding in summer. But they hesitate to take breed as the temperature is above 40 Celsius. They are cautious because they don’t want to lose their beloved pet budgies which may fall victims of hot weather.

Why Budgies Summer Breeding?

Budgies Breeding in Summer
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The question of taking budgies breed in summer season has been asked by many friends. Should we opt for budgies breeding in the summer season? What are the pros and cons of summer breeding and what measures we can adapt to ensure flawless budgies breeding in summer? All of these questions are addressed in this article. I will also share my personal experience of summer breeding of my pet budgies.

Birds generally choose the best time to breed

In nature, there is a certain breeding season for birds. Breeding season depends on weather conditions, local environment and optimal availability of appropriate food to grow their newly born chicks. Birds generally choose the best time to breed when all above-mentioned needs are met so that their chicks can grow rapidly.

Should we opt for budgies breeding in summer?

Should we opt for budgies breeding in summer depends on birds keeper. If you are providing them appropriate temperature (26 to 32 Celsius) in May June you can go for budgies breeding in summer. Please keep in mind that soft foods for budgies for the hot summer season are totally different from those in the winter season. So provide them soft food along with seed mixes. Give them good privacy and there is no harm in taking budgies breeding in summer.

Breeding is a natural phenomenon

Actually, breeding is a natural healthy phenomenon which provides your budgies a good positive healthy activity.  My personal experience is that after providing those all the needs if you stop them from the breed, birds may feel stressed which is not a healthy sign. Fats accumulation is another issue which your birds can face because of less activity.

My Experience of budgie breeding n summer

I am breeding budgies for past ten years. My budgies are breeding whole a year. I provide them the warm environment in cold weather and control the temperature on hot summer days. I offer them seasonal soft foods, especially for breeding birds.

Budgie breeding in summer Yes or No?

All the wellbeing of your birds is your obligation. If you cannot provide them the good healthy environment, optimal temperature and appropriate food then don’t go for budgies breeding in summer. Feel free to comment or ask any question about budgie birds breeding.

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