Cockatiel | Cockatiel Bird Complete Information

Cockatiel | Cockatiel Bird Complete Information

Cockatiel | Cockatiel Bird Complete Information

A cockatiel is the member of cockatoo family. Originally hails from Australia. They are considered as most favorites bird after budgies as pet bird or companion bird in the world. They can be tamed and easy to breed in the cages. Its crest shows the feelings and emotional status of the bird. Cockatiels cannot be easily distinguished as male or female until come to second molting. Here in this article Cockatiel | Cockatiel Bird Complete Information, you can find all the information about this beautiful parrot.

Lifespan of cockatiels

A cockatiel can live for 16 26 years in the cage. However, it depends on living condition room for activities and food.

Color mutations of cockatiels

Cockatiel | Cockatiel Bird Complete Information
V Pied Cockatiels

Cockatiels are grey in wild with a visible difference between male and female cockatiel. However, birds fanciers have developed so many colors and now cockatiels are available in other colors as well. The male wild cockatiel has yellow head whereas the female has a grey head. Presently pied fallow lotino cinnamon pearl inos are famous mutations. Watch a video on Top Ten Varieties of Cockatiels(Urdu).

Types of Cockatiels

Cockatiels original colour is grey. But presently there are so many colours available thanks to the birds fanciers who breed and cross-breed their birds and produced different beautiful colors. Now, you can find lotino, Albino (paper white) pied, cinnamon, pearl, silver, white-faced, cream and v pied mutations.

Can cockatiel birds talk?

My answer is yes. They belong to parrot family and have a tendency to mimic the human voice. But they have 26 words memory and vocalize 20 to 26 words. Male is more vocal as compared to female which seldom talked.

How can you tell if a cockatiel is male or female?
Cockatiel | Cockatiel Bird Complete Information
Cockatiel gender guessing

It’s almost impossible to guess the gender of the cockatiel until it gets into its 2nd molting. As male /female look same and identical when they are young. After 6 months, if you look closely you can observe marking or doted feathers on the underside of their tails. This is the sign of a female cockatiel. You can also observe dots and marking on the underside of the flying feathers of a female cockatiel. However, it would be tricky to find those marking in albino or ino cockatiels. But closely looking on the underside flying feather and tails you can notice light marking or light dots. Male cockatiels are also more vocal than females.

How to tame a cockatiel

Its fun to tame a cockatiel but it needs a considerable amount of time and patience. When you want to tame a cockatiel proceed slowly and gradually. First of all, you should build a trust. Younger cockatiels are easy to tame as compare to older one. Stay calm and quite while standing in front of a cockatiel. Don’t stare at birds eyes. Because your staring can pose you as a bird predator to him. And do normal activities during confidence building time without looking into the eyes of the bird. Start putting a hand in his cage for a while carrying his most favorite food item. Talk to the cockatiel softly with affectionate sound. Try to make sure that your bird is comfortable with your presence. After a while give him a treat. Repeat the routine on daily bases.

Cockatiels breeding tipsCockatiel | Cockatiel Bird Complete Information

Cockatiels can breed whole year. If you provide them with a good environment, privacy and essential food they can breed flawlessly. Provide them 10 – 12 hours natural or artificial light per day. Make sure that your cockatiels are old enough to breed (Breeding age for the cockatiels is 18 month and onward). Feed your cockatiels well with calcium supplement and mineral blocks.

Cockatiels breeding food

In order to get healthy breed, give them balance diet that can help them to breed flawlessly. Given below are the foods you can offer your cockatiels during the process of breeding:-

  • Seed Mixes
  • Seasonal soft food such as fresh corn, boiled rice, boiled wheat spinach.
  • Mineral blocks (calcium) with cuttlefish bone.
  • Sprouts of Wheat and other grains.


How long do Cockatiels sit on eggs?

It would take the hen to lay 6 eggs in 10 days. The chicks begin to hatch after 21 days. So the chicks will hatch every next day. After 22 days look into the breeding box to ensure the breeding process is going smoothly or not. You can remove eggshell.

Do male cockatiels sit on the eggs?

Yes, male cockatiels sit on eggs. Usually, male cockatiel sits during daytime while female sits in the night. The male can be aggressive during the process of breeding to ensure the safety of the eggs and newly born chicks.

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