Crested budgies cross breeding

Crested Budgies Crossbreeding | How to get Crested Budgie from a normal wild budgie

Crested Budgies crossbreeding

Crested Budgies are not only beautiful but they have a very good market. They are being sold like hot cakes and included inexpensive Budgies variety. Not everyone can afford to buy Crested Budgies but everyone wishes to have crested budgies in their cages or colony. Therefore, today’s topic is about crested budgies and how can we get Crested Budgies from normal budgies through cross-breeding.
We will discuss that how we can get crested budgies from normal budgies through cross-breeding. If you want any sort of information regarding crested budgies or you want to study budgies’ crossbreeding, especially Crested Budgies Crossbreeding How to get Crested Budgie from a normal wild budgie this article is especially for you. You may Also like TCB Budgies Crossbreeding

Crested Budgies Crossbreeding How to get Crested Budgie from a normal wild budgie
Crest budgie

The origin of Crested Budgies is Sydney, Australia. The first crested budgie was seen in 1920 at Sydney, Australia. Like other mutations such as Exhibition, Fallow, and TCB (Texas Clear Body) Budgies. The formation of crested budgies has nothing to do with those people that breed birds. Bird fanciers, who want to bring different beautiful colors and mutations, have played a significant role in the formation of species like English Exhibition, Fallow, and TCB budgies. Birds Fanciers have transformed normal budgies into a show class birds. But in case of crested budgies, they have no role in transforming normal budgies into crested budgies. This is a God gifted beauty and they are not sex-linked birds. In simple words, some mutations that are sex-linked can only have split male or female but crested budgies possess different genetic characteristics, both male and female can be crested bred.

Kinds of Crested Budgies

Crested Budgies Crossbreeding How to get Crested Budgie from a normal wild budgie
Red Eye Crested budgie

Crested Budgies have 3 major varieties. The first one is tufted, the second one is Single Round and the third one is Double Round Crested. The more beautiful the crest is, the more it adds to its value. Later, the feature of Frill back emerged in Crested Budgies. Frill backs not only have Crest on their head but have feather disturbance between their wings. If the feather disturbance between wings is clear and petal-like, then those Budgies are classified as Hagoromo Budgies. Friends, just as in Splits that they have no apparent indication whether they are Split of a particular mutation or a simple budgie, Crested Budgies also have the same feature that they can’t be recognized whether they are Crested Bred or a Normal Budgies. But if such birds are paired with a crested one, then we can have Crested Chicks so if we get a normal budgie from a crested pair, we should keep a record of that chick so that it can be used to get crested budgies in future.

Secondly, the crested genes are not dominant like in grey or pied budgies. If you pair whatever the mutation with a pied or grey, there are chances to have pied or grey chicks. So if we cross a normal budgie with a crested bred, it’s not necessary that we should get crested chicks. Moreover, the crested genes are not recessive that if we pair it with the normal budgie, we cannot get a crested chick. I am hoping that you are able to understand the crested genes characteristics.

Crested Budgies Cross Breeding:

Pairing for Crested budgies or Crested Budgies Cross Breeding is as follows.

If you pair a Crested Bred with Tufted one then you can get all three types of Crested Chicks. With this pairing, you can get single round, double round crested and tufted chicks. On the other hand, if one of their parents is Crest Bred, then some of the chicks can also be Normal Budgies.

But if we pair a tufted one with a Single or Double round Crested bird, then there are fewer chances to get a normal Budgie chick.
If you pair a Single or Double Round Crested with a Crest Bred, then you can also get all the three types of Crests.
If we pair a Crested with a Crested Budgie then there are greater chances to get crested chicks. However, we can also get Crested Bred with this pairing. But in my point of view, this kind of pairing has no benefit as it results in low quality and poor size of Crests.
If we pair a Single or Double round Crested with a Crest Bred, then we can have fewer chances of getting crested chicks as compared to previously explained technique. Such kind of pairing can also result in chicks that are Crested Bred and chicks that will have no blood-line of crested budgies and this is best and recommended pairing technique because we can get a good size of birds and their Crest quality will be captivating. We should just keep it in our mind that the Crest Bred that is used in this pairing should have at least one of its parents with a prominent Crest.
If you pair a crested one with a Normal wild Budgie, then some of the chicks will be Crested, Crest Bred or Normal budgies. If you want to create a special and good blood-line of Crested Budgies then I recommend you to keep this technique of pairing as much as you can because this pairing will result in better size and better Crest quality. We should just keep it in mind that the normal Budgie that is being used with a crested budgie should have good size and it should have beautiful color.
To sum up the discussion, it is to be said that if you follow these techniques, you’ll get favorable and desired results. If you have any question related to Crested Budgies Cross Breeding, your comments are welcomed and if you went through this experiment, do share with us. Your comments will be highly appreciated.
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