Infertility in Birds Reasons and Solution

Infertility in Birds Reasons and Solution

After incubating eggs for 22-24 days if true bonded ready to breed pair of birds failed to produce a chick than this pair is suffering from infertility problem. Please keep in mind; poor hatching and infertility are two different issues. In this article Infertility in Birds Reasons and Solution we will discuss infertility issue in birds.

Infertility in Birds Reasons and Solution

One of the problems, during birds breeding we face, is the issue of infertility of eggs. There are various reasons for infertility in birds and this is a common question bird keepers ask; my budgie laid eggs but why chicks were not hatched? In this article Infertility in Birds Reasons and Solution I have explained the reasons behind Infertility in Birds and suggest a solution to this issue.

Should we care about infertility in birds?

Watching your pet birds in the process of flawless breeding brings an amazing feeling. But after 22 days (hatching period) wait, if the result is nothing then disappointment is obvious. Your pet birds also disappoint if they do not find a good result. They feel stressed which brings harmful effects on their health. So in order to maintain their health the issue of infertility should be addressed properly. Infertility in Birds Reasons and Solution is explained as under:-

Birds need a balanced diet

Food requirements of caged birds are different from a wild bird. In wild birds find all the food they need in a natural way. But in cage birds are bound to eat whatever bird keeper offers. If you offer them pearl millets they will adapt to these seeds. But remember this is not a proper food for lovebirds, cockatiels, and budgies. Beside seeds mix, they need minerals and vitamins. Vegetables, fruits, and calcium are important to maintain birds’ health and overcome infertility issue. You might also like to read

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Physically check the male bird

Physically examine the male bird if there is any problem with the male. In some cases, excessive nails of the male bird hinder the smooth cross and mating. If you find nails are the culprit trim the nails properly with a nail cutter.

Perch in the cage

Stable and properly fixed perch can bring positive result too. If the perch is not stable and wobbling or slippery it can cause poor mating results. So fix the perch to ensure smooth cross and mating.

First breeding birds

If the breeding birds are the first timer they are vulnerable to poor mating. But gradually, they will learn the art of good breeding.

Continuous breeding cause poor health

It is my personal experience that continuous breeding causes bad health and infertility in birds. There should be a breeding break, especially in extreme weather conditions to overcome their deficiencies which are causing poor health.

Excessive use of medicine

Excessive use of medicine like Doxycycline can result in poor infertility. So, whenever it’s possible avoid overuse of medicines.

Illness of the birds

Minor illness can also be a cause of poor infertility. The best way forward is to see your Vet doctor and diagnose the ailment first. You might also like to read

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Same-sex pairing

Same-sex pairing, especially in love birds, is an obvious reason for infertility. Two female birds some time paired with each other and go through the usual routine nesting behavior. They produce eggs too but there would not be a chick after incubating.

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