Profitable birds

Top seven best profitable birds, Best birds Aviary Ideas

Top seven best profitable birds, Best birds Aviary Ideas

Bird keeping is a useful idea if you love these beautiful wings creatures. They are a good companion and you can spend your time with these colorful friends while relaxing in your home. Keeping birds as a pet is a wonderful idea to start a small scale part time business too. If kept with the care they can earn for you. Numbers of people are enjoying not only their company but also earn good amount of money. Bird’s fanciers are aware of the fact that prices of the certain birds are falling or have been stagnant since past couple of years.  But on the other hand prices of other bird species are increasing steadily and market of such birds is very high among the bird keepers.

Which birds are Top seven best profitable birds, hot selling in bird market and how we can breed them? Or how can we start a best profitable birds farming? Here are top seven best profitable birds and best birds Aviary Ideas.


Budgies or budgerigar parakeets are beautiful birds and people love to adopt them as pets. However, a commonly known variety of wild or pied budgies have loosened their market and currently, quality varieties like exhibition TCB and Hagoromo budgies are favorite among birds’ keepers. These varieties are an expensive and hot seller in birds market. Budgies are including in our list of top seven best profitable birds. So it is wise to consider these varieties to breed and adopt a pet.

Love BirdsTop seven best profitable birds

Common Lovebirds like fishers are thing of past now. Currently lotino per sonata Albino masked and velvet lovebirds are the favorite in bird market. These varieties not only breed excellently but are best profitable birds


If you want best profitable birds to breed you should consider cockatiels. In cockatiel Fallow, spotted and Enos are best birds. These birds are beautiful and easy to breed varieties. In order to earn good profit consider these varieties as they are best profitable birds in the present market

Ring Neck Parrots

Indian ringneck parrots are not only beautiful birds but they are hot selling brand in current birds market. If you have enough space, consider breeding Indian ringneck as they are best profitable birds

 Raw Parrot

Another best profitable bird is Raw or Alexandrine parrots. Raw are favorites in bird keepers since long. Mimicking human voice is a brilliant quality of these birds. The market of Raw parrots is high nowadays. This excellent breeder bird can earn a profit for you.

African Grey

In our Top seven best profitable birds list, African Grey parrot is number one. Though these beautiful birds breed once in a year but breeding African grey parrots brings a huge profit. If you want a best profitable bird’s aviary to try to breed African grey parrots

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